La historiografia medieval davant la crisi / La historiografía medieval ante la crisis

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The term "crisis" is a contemporary term, formulated in a particular historical period, with a precise expiry date. Historiography has used abusively when it deals with the study of the Middle Ages. As evidenced in this paper, the term "crisis of the late Middle Ages" no longer a "historiographical construction 'which is formulated in the first half of the twentieth century. It is more appropriate to use terms like "development", "transformation" or "change" to define the processes that affect the lives of women and men bajomedievales. Whenever "transformations" or deep "changes" occur in a moment of history, and medievalists refer to the past looking elements to understand and use concepts frequency and current terms for the study of that past. Therefore, and to avoid misunderstandings, we must define precisely and be aware of the realities and historical experiences of the period we studied. The search for understanding in the Middle Ages to understand this is a recurring search.\n

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