De Pujol a Maragall

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Pallarès Porta, Francesc
Gifreu i Pinsach, Josep
Capdevila Gómez, Arantxa

The election campaign in the Parliament of Catalonia of the 16th of November 2003 posed two basic questions: which new majority would govern the Generalitat and who would be the new President after Jordi Pujol. With absolute majority of the PP in Spain, the campaign was considered of high intensity. The subsequent negotiations gave crossing|step to the first "tripartite" government, presided over by Pasqual Maragall.\n\n \n\nThis study tackles the analysis rigorous of the campaign from perspectives and complementary methodologies within the framework of the political communication. It?s the third study dedicated to the Catalan election campaigns after afterwards of the previous ones corresponding to the elections of 1995 and of 1999. Experts and analysts (F. Pallarés, J. Muñoz, L. Lòpez , M.Obradors, C. Pont, J. Pericot, A. Capdevila, I. Pintor, J. Gifreu, J.M. Corbella, L. Gómez. L. Aubia, A. Aira, A. Sáez, E. Xicoy, X. Ruiz Collantes, E. Pujadas, O. Pérez) examine the most relevant aspects of the campaign of the parties, of the media and of the repercussions on the electorate.\n

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